2016 Private Clients




Fully booked until May 2017 – taking applications to begin in Summer/Fall 2017


Investing in the creation of your keynote speech will take you places in your business, your personal mission & your contribution to the world that are beyond your wildest dreams. My job is to mine for the diamonds of your wisdom, your intelligence and your story, and to help you put pieces into a captivating, clear structure. I then work with you on learning how to deliver it with total ease, grace, a touch of humor and  authentic presence.

I’ve worked with women gracing the stages of TED and TEDx, the American Heart Association, Bioneers, Emerging Women, Lamaze International, Wisdom 2.0, Princeton, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, The World Domination Summit and other prestigious stages. 

I’ve had the honor of helping authors, entrepreneurs, leaders of foundations, Olympians and all manner of women on a mission, to craft the talk of their dreams and get it out into the world. They elicit standing ovations and inspire action.  As a result, they receive offers for further talks, grow their tribe, experience an increase in positive reputation and notoriety, catalyze business opportunities, dramatically increase their income, and most of all…they fulfill their soul’s need to make a big, meaningful impact on this world.

That’s the power of getting out there and speaking from the passion and wisdom of your heart.

And once we’re done with your talk, our speaker agency can help you land speaking engagements. This is where most busy emerging women thought leaders fall short: they don’t have the time  or the bandwidth to do all the logistics necessary to build a truly successful speaking career. We are here to do that for you, so that your message spreads far & wide and you obtain the financial & reputation success your wisdom deserves.

A few things you must know about this process:

Your talk must position you as the thought leader you know you are, and be centered around the major idea or perspective that you stand for. It must be easy for people to turn around and share with others. This is how your message spreads and how you build your following. This is how your leadership grows.

It must also be easy for you to remember. I’m not a fan of you having to memorize your talk word-for-word. Rather, I’ll support you in pulling everything you need to say “out” of you and then work with you in putting it into a structure that you can speak from, with ample room for the magical spontaneity that can only arise with a live audience.

What is included in our work together:

Star-bullet-pointYou will walk away from our work together with an “accordion style” talk. We will work on refining an 18-20 minute talk, however you will easily be able to shorten your talk to a 10-15 minute talk, or expand it to an hour long keynote. You will have a clear talk structure outline that will assist you in this.

Star-bullet-pointYou will work with me for either a 1 or 3 day private client intensive. These intensives are held in my magical home Sedona, Arizona on Oak Creek at the foot of Cathedral Rock. We also have a phone call before and after as part of our program. 

Star-bullet-pointYou will have access to my highly acclaimed virtual home study course, Speak Up for Your Business. I will have you watch certain training videos in it and do certain pieces of homework before our intensive. As part of the course, you will have access to my exclusive Public Speaking Training videos that will help you with your delivery and with turning any nervousness or fear into grace and authentic confidence. You can then use this training course in the future to help you write any future talks.

Star-bullet-pointAfter your talk is complete, you will have the option of being represented by our speaker agency for emerging women thought leaders. We guide you in getting your speaker marketing materials ready (speaker page, etc). We work with you to develop a solid strategy for landing speaking engagements designed to help you to obtain clout in your industry and command speaker fees. We develop and maintain relationships with companies, organizations and events on your behalf and pitch you to speak at their events. We then negotiate fees for you and handle the arrangements for your speaking engagements  This is a 6-12 month engagement designed to bolster your reputation, recognition, and speaking income. It will forever change the course of your career and your life.



The In-Person Intensives

I offer 1 or 3 day in person intensives with clients to develop and practice giving their talks.  This is for the woman who is serious about crafting and delivering a world changing talk.

Star-bullet-point 1 or 3 days. 10-5 each day. A phone call before and after our in person intensive.

Star-bullet-pointMorning tea & treats and a working luncheon each day.

Star-bullet-pointStructured focus on refining your talk’s content and your delivery of it.

Star-bullet-pointDeep inner work on aligning yourself even more fully with your message and your ability to give it authentically, charismatically and from the heart.

Star-bullet-pointIntensive inner work with KC to release any fear, resistance or self doubt that has been holding you back in sharing your message.

Star-bullet-pointExploration and integration of KC’s unorthodox yet highly effective public speaking practices.

Star-bullet-pointPrivate time in nature or at your hotel to complete an outside assignment or two that I will arrange for you.

Star-bullet-pointTravel and lodging not included, but accommodation recommendations nearby are provided upon enrollment, in addition to restaurant and hike recommendations.

The Investment:

This intensive work with me is by application only and space is extremely limited due to my schedule.
Private client programs start at $3700.

Should you apply and be accepted, you can choose one of the following three options:

Star-bullet-pointWrite Your Talk with KC & Deliver it Powerfully: Includes 1 or 3  day in person intensive to write your talk and refine your delivery of it. You receive access to the entire Speak Up for Your Business speechwriting and public speaking training program (a $1,497 value) and my public speaking training video library (over 25 videos sharing my unique and highly effective practices).  Prior to our intensive, you submit your answers to some of the worksheets from that program. After our intensive, you then use my public speaking training videos to support you in your delivery. We also have two phone intensives before and after our in person intensive.

Star-bullet-pointWrite Your Talk (1 or 3 day) plus Speaker Agency Representation Program: This is a year long program devoted to truly going the distance in creating you as a successful thought leader and speaker. We represent you and support you in landing speaking engagements at conferences and corporate events. This is where the rubber meets the road and where the success you have been desiring comes true in terms of impact, reputation and revenue growth.

How to Apply:

I can only take a very small number of private clients.

To apply, please fill out the application. We will get back to you shortly.

I can’t wait to read your application and to learn more about you and what message is longing to come through you.

To you and your voice
with love,

About Me, KC Baker

Here’s my fancy bio so you can know a bit more about me & my work:

Previously an investment banking analyst and assistant for two US Senators, KC Baker is an
international women’s thought leadership & public speaking trainer, speechwriter, and two-time TEDx speaker and is renowned for her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies.

She believes that the key to positive transformation in our world lies in supporting women in unleashing the brilliance of their voices.

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Daily Love, and Women 2.0, KC has been hailed as “One of the Top Planetary Changemakers” by Origin Magazine.

She has supported thousands of women around the world in finding the freedom, confidence and clarity to speak up and create change. Her clients are women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, authors, founders of foundations, Olympians, TED/TEDx speakers, politicians and non-profit social changemakers. Women who have worked with KC have gone on to speak on stages such as The American Heart Association, TED/TEDx, Wisdom 2.0, Bioneers, Emerging Women, Lamaze International, Princeton, Hass Business School at UC Berkeley, conferences and symposiums around the world, and local community gatherings.

She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and is a lover of dance, singing and nature.  She lives in Oakland, California with her partner, David, and their son, Connor.


Any and all questions are encouraged.

Contact my Client Care team at support@kcbaker.com