WomanSpeak Circle with Tamara Wrenn


Mid-Hudson Valley, NEW YORK CIRCLE

with Tamara Wrenn


Circle Location

Private Residence
Mid-Hudson Valley, New York

Circle Dates & Times

The Circle Leader will disclose the exact location once you sign up and they get in touch with you.

This circle’s first two dates are March 2nd and March 16th. You can join now and pay your initiation fee to reserve your spot! Your monthly circle membership fees will begin on March 1st and recur every 30 days thereafter. Please note that the initiation fee is non-refundable.

To contact this Circle Leader, please email Tamara Wrenn at administrator@justuswomen.org.


About Tamara Wrenn

tamara-wrennI’m Tamara Wrenn and I’m on a mission to make a global impact as a health and wellbeing advocate. I help women dig deeper, embrace their spirituality, and address the whole-self for greater success – while making every step feel like they are never alone. I am fully committed to letting my light shine. I’m a bit quirky and I love music, dancing, reading, learning, adventurers, and prayer time.

My decision to become a WomanSpeak Circle Leader is rooted in my personal experience as a public speaker and my belief that every woman has a story to tell. I describe my personality as an extroverted introvert – a person who is outgoing and enjoys the company of others, while desperately seeking alone time as a way to recharge from their social life. I find pleasure is captivating an audience, leading a discussion, or facilitating a workshop. I also experience happiness when I am reading a book, watching a movie, and during routine alone time.

I have the pleasure of working nationally operating the consulting firm I founded, Just Us Women Productions. I provide technical assistance and training to organizations that address women’s health, and maternal, infant and child health issues. I earned my Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling from New York University and my continuing education includes staying abreast of trends in women’s health, public and perinatal health, and natural remedies. To add some balance to my life I lead Zumba® Fitness and SharQuí® Bellydance workout classes where I dance like nobody’s watching.

Your Initiation Fee and Membership Costs

In order to join a WomanSpeak Circle, you pay a one-time initiation fee and register for your monthly membership. The initiation fee is a one-time fee that covers your set up costs, your WomanSpeak Curriculum Manual, and your contribution to fund a girl (or girls) to attend GirlSpeak.

There are three choices:

  • WomanSpeak Circle Initiation Fee ($75 USD) – put one young girl through GirlSpeak
  • WomanSpeak Circle Initiation Fee ($145 USD) – put two young girls through GirlSpeak
  • WomanSpeak Circle Initiation Fee ($200 USD) – put three young girls through GirlSpeak

The recurring monthly membership fee for this circle is $79.00 USD.

What will happen when I join?

Once you register you will immediately receive an email confirming your registration and your WomanSpeak Curriculum Manual. We also alert your leader that you have signed up and your leader will contact you as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to celebrate you and your voice!