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In the Beginning

The birth of a child is a sacred event. It is a moment in time when a woman knows her own divinity and stands as a gateway to new life. It is an opportunity to welcome that new life into this world with love and respect. Unfortunately, our maternity care system is disconnected from the beauty and power of birth and operates instead from a place of fear and distrust. As a feminist, birth doula and consumer advocate, Élan McAllister has helped countless women desiring to have a sacred birth, navigate the system, avoid unnecessary medical management and interventions and reconnect with the power of birth.

About Elan

Elan McAllister is the President and Founder of Choices in Childbirth, a NYC-based not-for-profit dedicated to improving maternity care through education and advocacy. Élan is a birthing doula, a classically trained dancer and a Broadway producer.


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