What People are Saying

In an incredibly productive two-hour intensive session, KC analyzed my TED Talk and showed me where and how I had squandered the impact of my “diamond insights”. I am on a tight budget, but this was the best investment I have ever made in myself.

—Roz Savage

TED Speaker, First Woman to Row Three Oceans, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2010, 
Charisma Illumination Intensive Client

KC Baker’s work in the world helps women reclaim the power of their voices — brilliantly.

—Dr. Christiane Northrup

New York Times Bestselling Author: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

I knew when I heard her speak at TEDxWomen SF that she was my speaking coach. Like so many angels who have shown up in my life, there she was to usher me into claiming my voice, as a woman, a New York Times Bestselling Author and as the matriarch to the Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff legacy. KC taught me how to write and powerfully deliver an impactful speech for The American Heart Association, where I was the lead keynote speaker for 2012, a recent TEDx talk and many others. I adore her for many reasons. Among them, my ability to be authentic to my message while standing on the platform my husband left for me.

—Kristine Carlson

New York Times Bestseller, Speaker and Co-Author (along with her late husband, Richard Carlson) of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series – the number #1 top selling self help book series in history.

Working with KC is one of the highest-impact decisions I’ve ever made for my business. Clarifying the core of my message, then birthing it into the world through a talk and on my site, has had me feeling more confident and aligned than ever before. Feeling this difference within myself has had me step into leadership and make a bigger difference for others. I craved this clarity for years, and found it in just a few weeks. KC is brilliance!

—Nisha Moodley

Speaker & Founder of Fierce, Fabulous & Free

I have to brag that I was asked to give the keynote address at the NYU School of Midwifery Graduation ceremony last week! I’m so grateful to KC Baker because I wasn’t nervous at all, was able to craft it with ease and really spoke from my heart! And if that weren’t enough, I was surprised and deeply honored at the end of the event to be presented with the Koko Roy Award for Contributing Meaningful Work to Women’s Health. So full right now!!

—Elan McAllister

Speaker & Founder, Choices in Childbirth

My experience with KC was fantastic, way beyond my expectations. I thought I just wanted help polishing up a talk that I’d already worked on, but I ended up with a) a much different, much better talk, b) a lot of important practical coaching on stage presence & connecting with audience, and most importantly, c) a way to make my talk really MY talk – much more personal and therefore far more powerful. Working with KC has made it easy for me to expand my speaking engagements (I landed the keynote address for the East Coast Bioneers Conference – Magic!) and to develop more content and presence around the same core ideas. I now have a book contract, bigger and better consulting engagements, and clear plans for expanding my work in related areas, all linked back to that first essential talk that I developed with KC.

—Katherine Collins

Founder & CEO of HoneyBee Capital

Partaking in KC Baker’s speech writing course was one of the best investments, in both time and money, that I’ve made during my career.

KC approached the process with compassion, editorial wisdom and a deep understanding of the unique message I was aiming to relay. Crafting that message of leadership and delivering it on stage allowed for a powerful transformation that has enabled me to step more profoundly in front of my audience in the past year. That speech has become the platform from which I consistently speak. Thank you KC for opening the door!

—Andrea Nakayama

Speaker, Functional Nutritionist and Founder of Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab

I have to say that I wouldn’t nail Fox News Channel hits each week without her! She helped me discover what was holding me back, worked me through it almost overnight, and truly helped me capture the essence of who I am and express it. I’m definitely a fan!

—Kym McNicholas

Emmy Award Winning News Reporter, Forbes Reporter and Executive Producer of Pando Daily, Charisma Illumination Intensive Client

As a result of the course, I am now selling higher end 3 month group programmes of $5000 per person – due to the credibility I have gained through speaking.

—Jennie Harland-Khan

Coach & Author of I’m Back: How to get your passion, purpose & identity back when your kids go to school

I worked with KC for hours in creating the speech for the launch event of my organization, Women Enough. 100 women listened to me declare my dream, my passions, my purpose. Since that evening, my life and my organization has been full-force.

—Michelle Fetsch

Founder of WomenEnough.com and curator of TEDxWomen in San Francisco. Keynote Co-Creation Client

KC Baker has a unique passion and approach for helping women find their voice, and step into a larger playing field.  She is a generous spirit with an unforgettable presence. If you have a chance in your life to work with her, take it!

—Arina Isaacson

Executive Presence, Speaking AND STORY Coach and Professor at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business


Through her deep meditations, tantra teaching, life inquiry, and perfomance challenges, I was able to tap into my core female essence, and learn how to perform with confidence, grace & elegance.

—Michelle Koert

Founder, Speaker & CEO of PLAY Concierge, Inc.

KC takes a whole new approach to the concept of charisma and leadership development. She cuts through conventional thinking on what it takes to establish a personal presence, connect with other people – 1:1 or from the stage – and own the confidence that “makes” a compelling speaker. I value her sage insights, actionable recommendations, and “secret weapons” that turn stepping up to the microphone into real fun. I love the difference I feel when I put her advice into action. It’s rewarding on stage and in my everyday life.

—Ellen Leanse

VP – Eastwick Communications

KC is AWESOME! I’m currently being coached by her and have had breakthroughs in every session! I recommend her to any woman who is getting in her own way, especially on camera or on stage. Her methods are simple but they work. She is very down to earth, real and genuinely cares about helping women express themselves fully. She always creates a very comfortable and safe environment, and is very supportive and encouraging. I can’t say enough. After 3 sessions with KC I no longer feel intimated by the camera and feel freer to be my unique and fabulous self both on and off camera. Don’t waste any more time in fear. Hire her! You’ll wish you’d done it years ago.

—Rosalyn Fay

Founder/Producer True Colors TV


I am so thrilled that I invested in KC Baker’s program, Speak Up For Your Business!  It has been such a warm, rewarding and unique experience on all levels.  I started the course knowing I had a message, but wasn’t sure what it was and how to even structure it once I had it. Through KC’s skillful listening and masterful speech building, she has turned my talk into one I am proud to deliver.

—Tina Pruitt

TinaPruitt.com, OolalaStudios.com


KC Baker’s teleseminar, “Speak Up for Your Business,” turned out to be so much more than just how to write a speech. Her astute listening skills and sharing made me dig deep into my person to truly look at how I communicate with people in my everyday life. It opened me up in ways that I never expected. It was more then a class, it was a healing of long held in emotions that I didn’t even know I was holding onto so tightly. My purpose is clear now and with the assistance of KC and the amazing woman that joined me in this venture I feel more empowered then ever, not just to share my voice, but to open my heart more fully in every moment. Thank you, KC! You rock! 

—Julianne Collins

I had a breakthrough in going way out of my comfort zone in bringing humor and sassiness to my speech…something that would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the space that KC held for the group. What I love most about KC is her ability to make slight tweaks in your speech that make a huge difference in your performance. She really listens for women’s brilliance and then has them shine even more. If you want to be on stage you need to hire KC Baker…she’s seriously one of the best trainers out there.

—Tanya Paluso

CEO Tribal Truth


I have never had to speak in front of this many students until this year and I have always felt nervous. I immediately used your techniques and VOILA! The students were ecstatic, cheering and all I can say is WOW! I don’t feel nervous anymore. AMAZING! World, here I come baby!! Bowing down to you in a Japanese fashion for my gratitude!

—Alissa Iida

KC is a powerful voice in the world for women. She is a living demonstration of what is possible when a woman connects with her deep truth and deep soul’s purpose.

—Regena Thomashauer

Author, Speaker & Founder of Mamagena’s School of Womanly Arts

This is not a traditional speech writing class by any means. It’s really about finding and speaking your truth in a way that others will be hanging on the edge of their seats to hear your every word.

—Laura Gates

Speaker & Leadership Coach

Just wanted to let you know that I had the chance to practice my talk in front of 30 or so college students last night… and it was great! The response was fabulous and I barely looked at my notes at all. I was even asked to speak at another local college. 🙂

—Ellie Scarborough

Pink Kisses.com


Let me say first of all that I started working with KC probably at least 8 months ago and from the beginning I felt how special she was. Her sessions are very soulful and at the same time practical and structural. After all it is about nailing that speech and creating that grounded presence while delivering it. She really rocks, she loves what she does and she has the power and the passion to transform people into legendary speakers. My last session with her she had me up and literally transformed my 10 minute speech to a completely different level. I was almost like a different person. 

—Christina Rasmussen

Founder of Second Firsts. Author of forthcoming book, Second Firsts, due later this year by HayHouse Publications


Last night I was on stage with Meg & Gary Hirshberg (founders, Stoneyfield Yogurt), for Meg’s book launch. Her new book is “For Better or For Work.” Buy it!!!. I was on a panel with 4 other people- we each got 5 mins to speak. 150 people in a gorgeous theater. I LOVED IT!!!

Favorite frames: My adorable husband standing at the top of the theater smiling at me. Meg saying “I wish I could take you on the road with me.” A panelist who is very successful telling me that my story is “marketable.” Meg telling us that she interviewed over 250 people and we were chosen because our stories were so moving, compelling.

I felt FREE! 
KC and fellow Speakers – thank you so much for your contribution to me in this class. For every bit of vulnerability you showed to encourage me to share from that place.

 5 mins in HEAVEN!!!

—Tammi Wilson

Documentary filmmaker, Speaker

Like many women, I was afraid to use my voice. Sure I would talk, talk, talk, but I one day realized I wasn’t actually expressing myself. I was simply filling a void with what felt like inconsistent rambling. So I made a decision to do something about it.

After asking around, all roads led to KC Baker. And I’m so grateful they did. KC Baker is the real deal.

In a two hour period she was able to show me why my biggest, baddest fear in life — and in expressing myself honestly — was nothing more that my mind trying to protect me. But rather than protect me, it lead me to more pain over and over. My giant a-ha moment has liberated me from a heavy weight that I let go of right then and there.

She also gave me tools and techniques to allow my voice to continue to grow stronger, no matter the circumstance or public setting.

I will definitely be looking to her for more mentoring and coaching as my career heats up. Book KC Baker now. You will be so glad you did!

—Victoria Prozan McGlinn

Business Communications Creative


I met KC at a dinner party five days before my TEDxSF presentation. I was extremely nervous, anxious, and did not feel that my presentation was really expressing who I was and how my journey to running a World-Wide Safe Motherhood Non Profit began. Everyone at the party felt I needed to start fresh on my talk which I had agonized over for two months including previous coaching sessions. KC told me that night, “I can help you”. I did not hesitate to call her the following morning, within 6 hours she helped me find my voice to tell one of the most compelling stories on saving the lives of women who face death in order to give birth. She guided me to have confidence, strength, and to walk out and let the world know that women are “Dying to Give Birth”. She is inspiring, kind, and works with a fierce open heart.

—Arlene Samen

TEDx Speaker, Founder/President One Heart World-Wide


I had just agreed to do a big talk on corporate wellness and needed help FAST to craft my message in a powerful way.
Throughout the Speak Up for Your Business course we created the entire structure of the talk beginning to end. The result: a knock-out first-time performance and a request to repeat the speech in Brazil, San Francisco and NYC.

—Priscilla Stephan

Chief Wellness Ambassador, Sweet Path Wellness, Speak Up for Your Business

At 70 years old, I decided it was time to share my voice.

With KC’s encouragement and help, I wrote and delivered the speech around what is my truth. It was a powerful and amazing moment for me.

I am now filled with a happiness and peace that I believe started at The School For The Well Spoken Woman LIVE.
Many thanks to KC and her school for awakening in me a desire to continue to unveil my Truth and Speak Out!

—Marty Baker Williams

From the moment I stepped onto that stage to the moment I stepped off, I felt like I was being seen for the first time — it was the most self-empowering day of my life. 

—Melissa Thomas

Founder, 1Degree

Literally, after the School for the Well Spoken Woman LIVE I was surprised to find a long line of ideal new clients & an invitation to speak for TEDx Women.  And I’m prepared for it, because KC brings a background of rigorous coaching, ridiculous personal training, & so much commitment to her vision of women as iconic leaders

—Maya Corinne

TEDx Speaker, RichHippieFarm.com

I got cold called and booked for a keynote in Michigan. Those skills and videos pay off!

—Elissa Ashwood

Speaker & Founder of 33 Dresses and Truly Accomplished

I blush to report that the organizer said it was his favorite Ignite talk ever, and they are considering me to speak for TEDxCardiff, my dream! People said I had the room in the palm of my hand. Everyone was riveted, and I thought YES… KC taught us to own the stage.

—Grace Quantock

Speaker & Author of Sick Chick to Trail Blazer

In the months since the program, I’ve taken on a new level of confidence that has allowed me to quickly create amazing opportunities for my business. I’ve landed nearly 30 speaking opportunities, including becoming a guest educator for Whole Foods.

—Jessica Libbey

KC is magic!!  Not only do I have the classic fear and anxiety about public speaking but I also have a very controversial and challenging topic that I speak about.  One session with KC and I felt 100 percent more confident, relaxed and prepared for my upcoming media interviews and presentations.  Her calm, focused and supportive way along with her experience and incredible skills equals magic.

—Janine Francolini

Founder/Board Chair Flawless Foundation


I was not born a public speaker.  The first time I got on stage I could not get a sound out of my throat. After taking several public speaking courses and pushing myself to practice any opportunity I got, public speaking remained as a heavy chore I had to do for my business.

Speak Up for Your Business has totally transformed my relationship to public speaking.  The fear and stress that used to paralyze me before I would get on stage were shifted to fuel my desire to speak up for my business, rather than stop me from getting in front of the microphone.  KC’s brilliant coaching uncorked the voice I’ve always dreamed about having, but could not access before.

—Natasha Vorompiova


I gave my talk for the first time at an impact investing conference here in SF! It was SO well received – I have never gotten such amazing and heartfelt comments.I have never had so many people who want to have some sort of ongoing connection with me and my work. Wow!

—Katherine Collins

Founder of Honeybee Capital, Investment Research Firm. Keynote Co-Creation Client

Woo-hoo! I just got accepted to speak at the 45th annual AASECT National Conference!

—Jessica Drummond

Speaker & Founder of Jessica Drummond.com, leading expert on women, girls and hormones


I am now looking forward to any chance I have to speak in public and that is nothing short of a miracle.

—Sophie Chiche

TEDx speaker and Founder of Lifebyme.com, Charisma Illumination Intensive Client

I have some exciting news to share! I’m going to be speaking at TEDxHoboken Women. Taking KC Baker’s class was really life changing for me. I reached out to a few TEDxWomen organizations like KC suggested. I went through a vetting process with this group and the next thing I know I’m in!

—Kerry Cannava Turner

TEDx Speaker, Life Coach

After over 30 years of giving speeches, I’d stopped speaking because it so terrified me…I just couldn’t do it anymore. Every time I got in front of an audience, I wanted to throw up in sheer terror.
Yesterday, I just gave my very first speech in 2 years…and because of my work with you, it was a totally different experience. Everything you said REALLY worked. I had a great time up on stage for the first time EVER! I got so many standing ovations. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me.

—Barbara Stanny

Bestselling Author and Speaker, Overcoming Underearning, Secrets of Six Figure Women, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming