To All The Women Of This World With Something To Say


It’s time

We’ve been waiting for you.

Never has the world been so ripe for what you have to bring, what you have to share, what you have to say.

We’re aching. 

Every - Single - Day this world is struggling with problems, aches, pains and forms of insanity that your insight and perspective is uniquely designed to heal, transform, and empower.

For too long, we have struggled without your wisdom. 

But now: the microphone is here.

Stand on a stage. Write a blog. Send a tweet. Whatever it is...

Just please. Don’t keep it in.

It’s tempting: The giant suck of resistance, the buzzkill of self doubt, the paralysis of fear...they are formidable.

But they don’t hold a candle to the power of your commitment. To what you truly, deeply, utterly stand for and know to be true.

Nestle deep into your heart, into the guidance of your soul and ask:

What must I say in this one precious life I have?

What must I give?

How must I aid the transformation of this world?

And then say the words. The words... The ones that have the power to move the mountains of self doubt & fear inside you...

“I DO.”

 Commit.  Say “I DO.”

Commit not only to that which is longing to be said, but also to those who need to hear it.

 Then, and only then, will you access the mysterious magic that will guide your mission into the skies of unlimited possibility. 

We are waiting...for you.