Jennifer Eve Slepin

Talk Description

The Power of Mother

As a society, we have idealized the role of mother to be almost omnipotent.  The relationship we have with our mothers sets the lifetime stage for our physical and emotional health.    In the perfect world, our mothers provide us with love, support, and a sense of self worth.   But what happens when a child is, in effect, abandoned by a mother?  Jennifer Slepin, through her own story, shares insight into the complexity and depth of the power of mother and steps to take to move toward wholeness through self-mothering. 

About Jennifer

Jennifer Slepin is mother to a fantastic son and his wonderful wife, a nurse, a friend and an artist who lives in San Francisco. She holds a Master's Degree in Nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill, and is the Founder and CEO of The Power of Mother: Everyone's Story.


The Power of Mother:  Everyone's Story


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