Graduate Talks

These videos are the talks given by the women who participated in The School for The Well Spoken Woman LIVE! in San Francisco and New York City. Watch. Be inspired. Share with the world.


Recent Portfolios

  • Renee Martin
    Renee Martin on Having it All
    Marty Baker Williams
    The Authentic Self
    Melissa Thomas-Fernandez
    Andrea Nakayama
    Action Potential: Sparking the Change in Health Care
  • Regena Thomashauer
    Woman Thought Leader of the Year 2012
    Elissa Ashwood
    Controlling the Uncontrollable
    Jessica Procini
    How to Press ‘Play’ on Losing Weight
    Elan McAllister
    In the Beginning
  • Jennifer Eve Slepin
    The Power of Mother
    Jessica Drummond
    Transforming Girls into Women
    Katherine Collins
    Saved by the Bee
    Alissa Iida
    Embracing the SWAN Within
  • Laurie Erdman
    Harnessing the Energy of A Wake Up Call
    Suzanne Saidi
    From Spit to Shine
    Noel Descalzi
    How to Transform your Relationship with your Weight
    Nisha Moodley
    Women and Freedom
  • Erin Findley
    Hope and Transformation: From Obesity to Fitness
    Kathleen McGregor
    You are Not Alone
    Jessica Libbey
    The World Wants All of You