Noel Descalzi

Talk Description

How to Transform your Relationship with your Weight

The talk supports, teaches and excites women to be the best healthy version of themselves. The goal is to give each and every single woman a new relationship with their weight. Through her direct approach, she will touch on just about everything that a woman struggles with, including pressure from society and how to not let your weight and inner voice rule your life. Noel’s talk is designed to instill confidence and control by revolutionizing ones perspective on health, fitness and weight loss.

About Noel

There was something missing in this fitness buffs world after injury struck for competitive gymnast and cheerleader, Noel Descalzi. The need for comradely, comfort, and convenience was lacking in her monotonous fitness regimen. It was then the idea of Work It Out Fitness Studio was born. She designed the studio to make working out in a class atmosphere enjoyable and liberating. With high-energy workouts of all ranges, healthy, beauty & wellness daily tips, events, close client relations and a studio that keeps you coming back for more, Work It Out has changed fitness for the better. Noel is on a journey to show everyone how to set their fitness free and there is no stopping her.


Work it Out (WiO)


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